B A R #1

My name is Sanah. :)
Ever since i was three, i've been diagnosed with a hairloss disease called Alopecia. Since then, everythings changed.
I believe that everybody is beautiful. Not one person, doesn't shine. We all have our talents and i love people who show us what beauty truly is by showing their talents. Weather its photography, writing, singing, dancing, art. Anything helps this world shine more and more. I believe in inspiration, and leting the simple things help you go on in life.
I believe in hope. In faith, and destiny. In strength in courage when most needed.
I believe in YOU. And i'm always here for you. 24/7. Just leave me a message in my ask. All day, anyday. I am always here to help.
I don't exactally know who or what i am at this age but i know my calling. Its to inspire, and help, and talk. And i will continue fighting to keep that calling.
Ever since i was in the Kindergarden, i've been bullied everyday. Name calling, being put down, told i wasn't great.. or beautiful. I thought i was scared for life. I thought i was alone. I thought it'd never end.
But now I talk to kids who have been bullied, and help them. I still do get put down, but i'm working on it.
My name Is Sanah, I'm bald, and i'm beautiful.
No one can tell me otherwise.
talk to meeee.
+Dream catchers, breakfast for dinner, deep conversations, midnight swims, watching the stars, Disney movies, princesses, never growing up <3
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This isn’t anything legit but i’m going to start working on a lot of these.. just close your eyes and listen and hopefully it’ll help you <3 I’ve seen a lot and they literally changed my life so I think it’s an awesome idea c’:

It&#8217;s my twin! I&#8217;ve been hugging her ever since I got her, i&#8217;m so obsessed. I hope playing with dolls like these will show young girls that being different is okay! Their are different definitions of beauty out there and as long as you&#8217;re being yourself.. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. I think this doll is seriously so beautiful. Having no hair accents her features! Everyone is beautiful in their own way.. No matter what the case may be! Never ever feel otherwise &lt;3
She&#8217;s so silly, she uses her eye-shadow as blush c&#8217;:Even then i hired her to be my personal make-up artist. She says she charges 3&#160;m&amp;m&#8217;s per minute, she doesn&#8217;t work cheap! 

just a friendly reminder that looks can be deceiving! :)
a girl messaged me about a week ago on dailybooth and said, “if I had your face, my life would be complete.”
and I couldn’t help but think, “well, if I actually looked like that, then my life would probably be complete too.”
but I don’t.
I don’t think you guys realize how much of my appearance (and most girls on the internet’s appearances) is just straightened hair, pretty makeup, and push-up bras.
I don’t like showing myself without makeup because I feel ugly. but I also don’t like taking compliments that I don’t really deserve, so I wanted to show you guys the difference between fresh-out-the-shower sarah, and all-dolled-up sarah.

granted, I don’t do myself up like that every day; I haven’t got the time or the energy. most days I just look like this.

I had an anon earlier who said nobody notices her because she isn’t “tumblr pretty.”
well anon, most girls aren’t. you just have to fake it til you make it.
that is, sadly, how the world works.

B A R #2

-Hello beautiful-

-Feel free to ask anything you want to know.
-I am ALWAYS here to talk.
-I give advice 24 hours a day. :) Stay lovely.