B A R #1

My name is Sanah. :)
Ever since i was three, i've been diagnosed with a hairloss disease called Alopecia. Since then, everythings changed.
I believe that everybody is beautiful. Not one person, doesn't shine. We all have our talents and i love people who show us what beauty truly is by showing their talents. Weather its photography, writing, singing, dancing, art. Anything helps this world shine more and more. I believe in inspiration, and leting the simple things help you go on in life.
I believe in hope. In faith, and destiny. In strength in courage when most needed.
I believe in YOU. And i'm always here for you. 24/7. Just leave me a message in my ask. All day, anyday. I am always here to help.
I don't exactally know who or what i am at this age but i know my calling. Its to inspire, and help, and talk. And i will continue fighting to keep that calling.
Ever since i was in the Kindergarden, i've been bullied everyday. Name calling, being put down, told i wasn't great.. or beautiful. I thought i was scared for life. I thought i was alone. I thought it'd never end.
But now I talk to kids who have been bullied, and help them. I still do get put down, but i'm working on it.
My name Is Sanah, I'm bald, and i'm beautiful.
No one can tell me otherwise.
talk to meeee.
+Dream catchers, breakfast for dinner, deep conversations, midnight swims, watching the stars, Disney movies, princesses, never growing up <3
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Meet 5 year old Adalia Rose

I messaged her mom for permission to share her story, and i’m honored to be able to do it on here. Her story is by far one of the most inspiring I have ever read. She has Progeria, a fatal “rapid aging” disease. That’s not what this is about though. I’m writing this because i’ve never seen so much life in a kid. Just the sound of her voice moved me. My little sister was watching one of her videos and before even looking at the screen, i heard a tiny but motivated voice full of life. When i turned to see who the child was, i saw this adorable girl and fell in love with Adalia. She can do it all! She can dance, make you laugh and she is very loved by her beautiful mother who even shaved her head to make a wig for Adalia. My favorite thing about this family, is that they are persistent. They are handling so many things at once with such happiness. In all the videos I watched, never do they look discouraged or unmotivated about what’s going on. They’ve taken what life’s given them and made the best for her. Adalia’s mother has loved her daughter more than words and truly kept her happy. Seeing all of this moved me to tears. Life gives you things that you don’t intend on getting. Life gives the happiest people the roughest situations, but at the end of the day you can’t lose sight in what’s important. You can’t give up and you’ve got to stay close to the ones you love. Don’t lose your spirits. If they can do it, so can we. So if tomorrow doesn’t go exactly as planned, don’t give up just yet because someone is fighting for their life everyday with high spirits.

You can to.

It is possible to get through ANYTHING with a good attitude!

Adalia dreams of many things that she many not get to do in her lifetime, but that’s where you can help. Donate her so that her family can start making Adalia’s dreams come true:

And if you can’t donate, please reblog this in support of Adalia and her journey. She deserves all the love and respect she can get because of how strong she’s stayed through this all.

Good luck Adalia. Never lose your strength, but most of all never lose your spirit that inspires others everyday.

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B A R #2

-Hello beautiful-

-Feel free to ask anything you want to know.
-I am ALWAYS here to talk.
-I give advice 24 hours a day. :) Stay lovely.