B A R #1

My name is Sanah. :)
Ever since i was three, i've been diagnosed with a hairloss disease called Alopecia. Since then, everythings changed.
I believe that everybody is beautiful. Not one person, doesn't shine. We all have our talents and i love people who show us what beauty truly is by showing their talents. Weather its photography, writing, singing, dancing, art. Anything helps this world shine more and more. I believe in inspiration, and leting the simple things help you go on in life.
I believe in hope. In faith, and destiny. In strength in courage when most needed.
I believe in YOU. And i'm always here for you. 24/7. Just leave me a message in my ask. All day, anyday. I am always here to help.
I don't exactally know who or what i am at this age but i know my calling. Its to inspire, and help, and talk. And i will continue fighting to keep that calling.
Ever since i was in the Kindergarden, i've been bullied everyday. Name calling, being put down, told i wasn't great.. or beautiful. I thought i was scared for life. I thought i was alone. I thought it'd never end.
But now I talk to kids who have been bullied, and help them. I still do get put down, but i'm working on it.
My name Is Sanah, I'm bald, and i'm beautiful.
No one can tell me otherwise.
talk to meeee.
+Dream catchers, breakfast for dinner, deep conversations, midnight swims, watching the stars, Disney movies, princesses, never growing up <3
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B A R #2

-Hello beautiful-

-Feel free to ask anything you want to know.
-I am ALWAYS here to talk.
-I give advice 24 hours a day. :) Stay lovely.